If you only do one thing to improve your marketing this year, get a mobile responsive website

Mobile technology has allowed us to access any website almost instantly. It has changed our lives, but how frustrating is it when a website you are trying to view is not compatible with your mobile device?

Ensuring your website is mobile responsive is more important than ever. Mobile devices are now driving 56% of website traffic, so if your site is not mobile optimised then you could be missing out on valuable customers. Many property searches are now done on a mobile phone or tablet so it is a great opportunity for the commercial property sector to keep up with the competition and increase conversion rates!

ZipBox mobile responsive websites

So what exactly is a mobile responsive website?

According to the experts at Google, responsive web design is where the server sends the same HTML code to all types of devices and CSS is used to alter the rendering of each page on the device, creating a different view depending on the size of the page.

In less technical terms, if a website is designed to be responsive it means it can adapt to the size of any screen. The content of each page will adjust in this way, including the text, images and navigation bar. This gives users the best experience by making the site as user friendly as possible, therefore increasing the amount of time they spend on the site.

Our parent company NovaLoca found that 40% of their property searches are now done on mobile devices and their mobile traffic increased at double the rate of their desktop traffic since they made their website mobile responsive! This is because the frustrations of an unresponsive mobile site such as loading issues, zooming, badly scaled images and problems with links are eradicated, increasing user satisfaction.

Having a mobile friendly website is also essential for search engine optimisation. Last year Google changed their search ranking algorithm to take into account the quality of mobile sites for searches done on mobile devices. Those without a site optimised for mobile took a big hit in the search rankings! We know that creating a mobile responsive site as well as keeping it updated can be very costly and time consuming. This is why we have created ZipBox, the stress free web solution for commercial property professionals. We can create you a fully serviced, customisable website with responsive design and a simple content management system within a week! Clients such as WorkSpace and Reddin-Clancy are delighted with their new websites, why not check them out! If this sounds like something your commercial property business could benefit from, contact us on info@zipbox.co.uk or 01767 400 085. You can also Get Started now to receive your free personalised demo of what your new site could look like.